What is a Marketing Microexperience?

Creating microexperiences are one of the most important ways that you can grow your business. In our QUICK WINS course, MIX members learn that Customer Retention is the cheapest form of marketing. 

One of our favorite Customer Retention tactics is the creation of Microexperiences or branded moments. 

The term ‘microexperience’ originally referred to small things that set digital product experiences apart, like the distinctive chime that signaled the Mac powering on or AOL’s original ‘You’ve got mail’. 

Now, we use this word to refer more broadly to those special experiences that are created for our customers and stakeholders that make their interactions with the brand meaningful and memorable. 

These microexperiences need not be expensive or flashy. Instead, we recommend that microexperiences are: 

  • Focused on connecting with the customer’s emotions.
  • Appealing to one or more of the five senses.
  • Ask nothing in return. Nothing.
  • Uncomplicated and easily administered by your team.

Every month, we share ideas for microexperiences as part of our Monthly Quick Wins workshop (grab your seat here). We also share microexperiences every Monday in our Private Facebook Group–join now!   

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