“Tired of fighting Algorithms,” LUSH UK Steps Away from Social Media

There’s been a lot of talk this week about the surprising announcement from cosmetics giant LUSH | UK & Europe that they were stepping away from social media, citing that they are “tired of fighting with algorithms” and did not want to “pay to appear” in newsfeeds. Feel Familiar? Do you think this signals a trend? It’s a great time to consider how well YOUR strategy blends digital tactics like social media with traditional and community efforts to connect with your stakeholders. A solid Content Marketing strategy can help your brand ensure that you’re never dependent on just one channel or means of sharing relevant and meaningful information with your audience. Coincidentally, our all-new members-only course on Content Marketing is this month’s focus in the MIX. Having a strong sense of what resonates with your customers and stakeholders is the best way that you can known when a particular tactic is the right fit for your brand … and when it’s time to say goodbye.

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