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Zach Wenthe LIVE Chat with MIX

It’s been a great week launching the Marketing Idea Exchange! On Monday, we’ll host our first LIVE Chat with a marketing expert when we welcome Zack Wenthe.

On his website and in his upcoming book, Zack teaches that there’s a distinct difference between persuasion and manipulation. Persuasion is about breaking through the noise so your message is heard. It’s a skill. Try it for yourself next time you’re faced with trying to sell an idea in a company meeting, try these two simple ideas:

First, focus on the end outcome that the individual will receive. Not the company, not you, but the person you’re trying to convince. Get them visualizing their new experience that your idea could deliver. So if they could work fewer hours as a result of the software you want to buy then focus on that.

Next, ask the objection before it’s asked. This takes some preparation, as you need to figure out what the largest objection will be to your idea. I know you’re probably thinking how will we pay for this? Well if we focus on this instead of activity then we can have enough budget to do this. Do you think working fewer hours (from step 1) is worth it?

MIX is an “at-your-fingertips” resource. As an entrepreneurial leader, your time is valuable. That’s why all of the LIVE events, like this one, are recorded. Like all of the other content that we are constantly updating, it’s available for you to access at your convenience, housed on the MIX Resource Platform. Regarding Monday’s call, after you check out Zack’s website, you may want to join us LIVE and weigh in on the Q&A. If you’re unable to call in LIVE, then you can submit your questions for Zack to me ahead of time and I’ll be happy to ask them on your behalf!

The information for logging in can be found on the “MIX Announcements” tab or on the Google calendar looking forward to seeing YOU in the MIX!

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