Road to Resilience

DAY ONE, we will explore the marketing and messaging opportunities that exist in the current landscape surrounding your business. 
There are three types of content that you need to be creating: 

      • Expertise and insights
      • Business continuity
      • Community

Here’s how you can take today’s marketing action: 

  1. Download the blank Content Creation Tool from
  2. Also download a completed sample.
  3. Next, check out today’s instructional video.
Next, is DAY TWO of Your Road to Resilience. Yesterday, you learned about the three opportunities for creating content that connects your brand to the revenue that you need and the community you serve. 

Now, it’s time to distribute that content. And right now, your first priority for posting content should be Google My Business. 

  1. Start by viewing this instructional video.
  2. Next, visit the Google My Business platform and sign in if you’ve already claimed the listing or follow the steps for setting it up.
  3. Download our GMB Checklist.
  4. Bookmark this Google COVID-19 Resource Center for important information and up-to-the-minute updates for maximizing your GMB page.

On DAY THREE, take action to maximize Facebook. We’ll be exploring some tools that have been around for a while but are commonly overlooked. Then, we’ll explore tools that are just being rolled out now to support small businesses in response to the COVID-19 crisis. 

For today’s actions, you’ll want to watch the short video first and then follow each of the links below to walk through step-by-step instructions for each of the Facebook tools: 

  1. Watch today’s video
  2. Learn more about Instagram Shoppable Links (which starts with populating your Facebook Shop on your Business page)
  3. Set up FAQs for your business page
  4. NEW: Request or offer help
  5. NEW: Gift card tools
  6. NEW: Small Business Grants
  7. NEW: Facebook’s Resilience Toolkit

Here are the DAY FOUR links that you’ll need to follow: 

  1. First, watch today’s video
  2. Follow this link to be listed as a Pro on Linkedin Profinder (learn more about Profinder here)
  3. Set up your Linkedin profile
  4. Claim your business page on Linkedin
  5. RetailMeNot

DAY FIVE — today’s marketing action is CUSTOMER RETENTION.

It’s one of the most frequently explored topics in the Marketing Idea Exchange for two important reasons. 

First, too many small businesses leapfrog over existing customers in order to recruit new ones. Less than 10% of the small business owners we surveyed reported a budget or strategy dedicated to customer retention. 

It’s also the most efficient form of marketing, costing just 1/6 of the cost of recruiting. Here’s today’s video to learn more.

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