Three Fives Moonshot

The THREE FIVES Moonshot – Marketing Campaign Strategy

I’m known for taking a process-centered approach to business and working to find ways to make success repeatable, whether it’s in dealing with people, systems, or marketing. I therefore spend a lot of time talking about SMART goals and strategy.

It may seem surprising, then, that I am also a big fan of moonshot thinking. Moonshots are seemingly impossible ideas and aspirational goals. When it comes to marketing campaigns, I really like to aim for perfection.

But what does perfect marketing even look like? For that matter, how can we measure whether or not our marketing efforts are even good? Sure, we can look at the results afterward, but guessing and testing are really expensive and can waste time and energy.

Over the years, I’ve come up with a moonshot approach for marketing strategy. It’s just an easy way to remember some of the most important things that good marketing should aim towards. I call it a moonshot because it’s aspirational; most marketing campaigns fall short of addressing each and every one of these fifteen aspects all at once and that’s okay, there’s a lot of value that can be derived from the exercise of focusing on the goal.

The Three Fives refers to three sets of five focus words or phrases that help analyze the intended outcomes for marketing. Using the combination of them as an aspirational goal helps focus the work behind your marketing strategy and improve the outcomes.

Give it a try next time you’re planning a marketing campaign, use this downloadable THREE FIVES MOONSHOT worksheet to guide your planning and challenge yourself to develop strategies and tactics for addressing each one of these fifteen aspects of sound marketing. Later, you can go back and use the same tool for measuring your results and assessing how well you hit the mark on those things that you had prioritized. Over time, you’ll begin to refine your strategy development and become a more innovative and effective marketer.

The first cluster of keywords focuses on informing and storytelling. It’s important to nail down the details and make sure that we briefly clarify who we are, what the offer is, and other details that help the target understand the aim of our message. Next, by walking through each of the five senses, we force ourselves to explore sensory marketing and influencing the behavior of our audience based on how the tactics make them feel. The final list focuses on the customer’s experience with us and creating an engaging community and sense of belonging:

  • RELEVANCE AND RESONANCE: Sight, Sell, Taste, Touch, Sound
  • ENGAGEMENT AND COMMUNITY-BUILDING: See me, hear me, understand me, empathize with me, care for me

There’s an undeniable correlation between the act of setting specific and ambitious goals to higher performance. It is in this spirit that the “Three Fives” was born. Now that you have this tool, I would love to hear how this Moonshot helps you focus your marketing strategy and accomplish your goals!

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