Hi, I'm Cyndee. A former educator and trainer, I have worked as a marketing and advertising professional for over 20 years. A graduate of Georgia State University, I hold numerous awards and certifications including as an examiner in Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence. I've also been responsible for the execution of millions of dollars of complex media buys, PR for an international television show, and media events spanning the globe.

In 2009, I was working at a Marketing Agency in Metro Detroit when the most challenging economic conditions to that point in history struck seemingly overnight. It was a terrifying time to be an entrepreneur. Suddenly, the roster of small business owners and leaders who were my clients were concerned about their businesses, their stakeholders, and their community.

I wanted to help.

So I invited a few of our them to lunch. I didn't have big expectations, but I knew that the insights that I had gained from each one of them had helped me build campaigns had enabled the rest of the group. Having been the centerpiece of their connectivity had served me so well, I wanted to introduce them to one another and just gather around a table to share peer-to-peer.

What started as just a lunch was actually magical. That was the day that I started to realize the power of collective wisdom. We shared success stories and tips, lessons learned, concerns, and so much more. And we did it again and again. Over the next two years, this informal network of like-minded entrepreneurial leaders came to be known as MIX: Marketing Idea Exchange.

Every single member survived and thrived through what was, at the time, the most significant economic challenge of our modern time. While obviously their affiliation with one another was only one of many factors that led to their success, there is no question that the support of like-minded peers who helped one another maximize every opportunity to grow one another's business was an important piece of the puzzle.

About a year ago, after leaving a high-visibility role, I started a small marketing agency relaunched MIX, this time using an online platform.

In addition to the supportive network that's always been a part of MIX, this global community now features coaching, courses and templates, resources and support, content calendars, member roundtables, live events and much more.

Our members improve their results, reduce frustration and waste, and adopt a process-centered approaches to marketing that actually grows their business. MIX empowers them tell their stories in the marketplace and build a brand for the long term.


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Marketing has become too complex a topic for most business leaders to grasp on their own. That's why MIX is facilitated by experienced marketing professionals who blend collective wisdom, data-centered research, and insights from industry experts.



Where others teach unproven theory or singular experience, MIX is a small business, owned and operated by a noted marketing professional who has expertly served small businesses just like yours for over twenty years paired with a team of trained and experienced marketers.

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With a growing network of successful small business owners, all focused on long term marketing success, the MIX community is available 24/7 to provide feedback, support, and ideas to help you tackle even your biggest marketing challenges.



MIX is an 'at-your-fingertips' platform. Access the resources you need when you need them -- freeing up more of your precious time.



We are all about building BRAND, not just building BUZZ. We don't jump onto bandwagons, promise overnight success schemes, or offer tricks or workarounds. We always play the long game.

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We eat, sleep and breathe marketing. Marketing Idea Exchange is a proven solution that was founded in 2009. We are going strong and we're not going anywhere!


Fall back in love with the process of telling your brand story in the marketplace.

Attract more customers who shop more frequently and spend more when they do.

Finally stop chasing algorithms and make sense of digital tactics that simply work.

Eliminate the guesswork and stop making it up as you go with solid strategy and planning.

Tap into the collective wisdom & experience of a community of like-minded entrepreneurial leaders.

Become infinitely better at managing your business so that you can achieve your vision.

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