Our courses are set to build on one another and so the order of completion is important which is why they are set to unlock only after you’ve completed the prerequisites. Once you have completed them, you have unlimited access to each of the courses and all of the associated lessons and resources:  

  • Quick Wins 
  • The Story of Us
  • Marketing that matters: Strategic Marketing Plan
  • Building a No-Nonsense Marketing Budget
  • Process-Centered Marketing
  • Media Training and Content Marketing
  • Digital Marketing Demystified
  • BONUS eBook: Sales Skills for the Amazon Age
  • BONUS eBook: Terrible Marketing Habits to Drop in 2020
  • NEW in April 2020: Brand Ambassador Training: Referral Marketing
  • NEW in May 2020: Brand Ambassador Training: Event Marketing 

Quick Wins

There are three reasons that we begin the learning modules with this Quick Wins course:

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The Story of Us

We say it often around here -- our strength lies in the success of our members. Now that you are a part of us, we are all better. In this quick one-video lesson, you'll learn a bit about the history and founding of Marketing Idea Exchange as well as some of the exciting opportunities that lie ahead.

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Marketing That Matters: Building an Annual Strategic Marketing Plan

Most businesses have no strategic marketing plan. But you're not most businesses. You're a part of MIX because you are ready to abandon the make-it-up-as-you-go tactics and establish the necessary infrastructure to survive and thrive in the modern marketplace. Now that you're seeing some results from completing the Quick Wins, you've probably implemented some of these quick-and-easy tactics and now have established a momentum that's perfect for building an infrastructure that will help you build a brand that will pay dividends for the long-term. Welcome to Marketing that matters.

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Building a No-Nonsense Marketing Budget

Too many small businesses spend more than they should for marketing tactics because they don't establish a budget that's tied to goals. This simple budgeting tool will help you allocate your money so that you accomplish more while spending less.

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A Process-Centered Approach to Marketing

In this course, we'll talk about the process and workflows of telling your story in the marketplace. We'll begin to take the goals and budget that we've set and flesh out the pieces of information that we want to share. In this course, we'll not only begin to identify the channels where your brand story unfolds, we'll start to talk about how that story is framed by focusing on your customer. We'll introduce a concept called 'The Hero's Journey' which is used in countless movies, stories, and advertising campaigns. Before you begin, you can actually check out some great inspirational examples of Hero Journey marketing such as Coke's commercial that was made entirely from user-generated content, the University of Phoenix ad that shares the relatable story of a working mother, or Caterpillar's video focused on 'Let's Do the Work'. In each of these stories, the brand tells their story from the perspective of their target audience. For small businesses who are accustomed to always feeling pressure to push push push their messages and promote their products or services, this is a major mind shift.

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Promote and Protect Your Brand: Media Training and Content Marketing

In this course, we explore media training, for yourself and your team, as well as content marketing. You'll create a media plan, draft pitches and press releases, and more. We'll also start talking about the essential nature of Content Marketing. Be sure to share your progress on this course in the forums -- we'll look forward to celebrating your success with you!

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Mini Course: Five Terrible Marketing Habits to Drop in 2020

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Digital Marketing Demystified

Now that you have identified your brand's goals, calendar, and have a plan in place for your marketing, this course will demystify the digital tactics that are a critical part of any well-rounded strategy.

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