Gram Jam Challenge

Join us for MIX ‘Gram Jam – April 2019

It’s a new season and a new Quarter — we’re celebrating the independent business leaders who work every day to tell their brand story with our first MIX Instagram Challenge! We are celebrating YOU for working so hard to bring your unique content to light.

There are two weeks worth of simple prompts, starting on Thursday, April 4th. These single-word prompts are purposely brief so that they are completely open to YOUR interpretation, dream up something entirely unique. They’re designed to challenge you to find creative ways to celebrate you and the brand that you’ve built! We can’t wait to see what you share! Pass it on!

  • April 4: Beginnings
  • April 5: Fresh
  • April 6: Inspired
  • April 7: Unique
  • April 8: Obsessed
  • April 9: Secret
  • April 10: Relax
  • April 11: Mood
  • April 12: Celebrate
  • April 13: Happy
  • April 14: Simple
  • April 15: Earned
  • April 16: Colorful
  • April 17: Love
  • April 18: Successful

To participate, just follow the prompts–every day, share content that fits the prompt we’ve provided. Then, tag your photos or videos with @themarketing_mix and the hashtag #MIXGramJam.

All of those who participate will be a part of our big recap at the end, so invite your own followers to join and let’s make it a fun way to connect with others!



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