MIX Tip: Consider the Lifespan of Content When You Post

As our members complete our Content Marketing course, they explore the differences between CONTENT, NEWSWORTHY CONTENT, and STUFF.

Understanding exactly what it is that you’re sharing on behalf of your brand helps you better understand how to plan where and how you share it.

Here’s the bottom line: Post content when you have content worth posting. And post it with its lifespan in mind.

Social media generally has a shorter amount of time that your content is visible than things that you post to your blog. If you’re posting STUFF, like a quick photo of a product, then posting directly to social media is probably fine.

Blog posts typically have a very long life span. Therefore, if you’re posting CONTENT, like information about a charitable event that you’re hosting, then you’ll want to start with a blog post first before sharing to your social media channels.

Media stories have a longer life span and broader reach. Therefore, if you’re sharing NEWSWORTHY CONTENT, like information about an expansion to your business that will bring new jobs to the area, then you’ll want to begin with press alerts, then a blog post, followed by social sharing.

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