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Benefits and Features

A Proprietary 12-Month Calendar with Daily Post Prompts

Frees up your valuable time so that you can focus on areas of marketing that lead to revenue growth.

Online Courses

You'll have access to a huge (and growing) library of content, starting with Quick Wins that will kickstart your efforts and keep you motivated.

Forums and Groups

A welcoming and positive environment for sharing and collaboration where nothing is for sale and there are no know-it-alls or gurus.

Resources and Tools

We're always adding updated resources and tools to make your marketing easier to implement and more effective including content creation calendar, ready-to-post graphics, and website audit checklist.

What Our Members Say ...

Marketing Idea Exchange makes me feel like I'm not alone in trying to figure out the best way to to market my business. I have better answers to my questions now than when I used to have an agency on retainer and a lot of the ideas I learn here are just simple things I would never have thought about doing but because it's a group I feel accountability. I am glad I joined the MIX!
Suzanne Louis
MIX provides us both the insight and necessary direction to further our advertising and marketing campaigns. It not only helps provide the structural foundation but also guidance along the way. I love the mixture of weekly sessions and self-pacing.
Christopher McCarthy
Let's face it ... marketing your business can be time consuming, and you're not always as creative as you'd like to be. Why not tap into the minds, the experience and the creativity of other business owners like yourself? The MIX is a great way to explore successful marketing techniques and share ideas! I highly recommend Cyndee Harrison and the MIX!
Carolyn Coakley

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