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PR Crisis Tips – Media training for business leaders

As a marketing and PR pro, I’ve spent a lot of my career hovering on the outer edge of the spotlight rather than in front of the camera. This perspective, paired with my training and years of experience, has helped me develop a very process-centered approach to media training.

It’s an approach that I’ve used to successfully coach numerous business leaders on how to handle the media under all sorts of different circumstances. Earlier this week I had the pleasure of sharing these insights on the Pawn Leaders podcast. Please listen to hear:

8:35 — the one thing that you need to keep in mind whether the press coverage of your business is good or bad

10:17 — don’t go it alone: who you should include in developing your media plan

12:00 — where to focus your energies (instead of on responding to the haters)

14:25 — the most critical thing to remember about the job of the journalist when you’re in front of the camera

15:20 — how and when to train your employees about handling the media

19:10 — the most critical elements of a media plan (some of which are commonly overlooked)

22:25 — how to time your response and what to include as part of that response

26:00 — a very specific formula for speaking to the media and the answer to your question “What do I say?”

31:00 — helping avoid critical errors made by well-intended employees

While this particular podcast episode is focused on handling the media when there’s a PR crisis, I am proud that a  full Media Training Course for entrepreneurial business leaders is a part of membership in the Marketing Idea Exchange.

In this six-step course, participants are led through the process of developing a world class plan for mastering the key elements of journalistic relations. In this golden age of media and communications, it is not only beneficial to a business–it’s critical. I will also be speaking on this topic at the upcoming Midwest Pawn Convention, May 18-19 in Louisville, Kentucky.

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