Managing your messaging on the September 11 Anniversary

As you scroll through these examples of ads and promotions that were launched on or around 9/11, it’s difficult to imagine how these promotions ever saw the light of day.

But they’re an important reminder of the importance of focusing on marketing that matters.

As we approach the 9/11 anniversary, here’s an important reminder: Exploiting national tragedies to gain buzz or short-term sales is an abhorrent marketing tactic that is not only in poor taste, it will also fail to net the long-term results that matter to your business.


Wondering how to handle the occasion on your business brand channels? Consider these options:

-Sit it out: Consider just going dark and give your social media channels a rest on this day. If Facebook posts are so critical to your marketing strategy that you can’t go a day without them, then you need to rethink your strategy.

-Offer a respectful remembrance: A short-but-sincere thanks to our first responders, veterans and troops is enough to acknowledge this somber day. Sharing a photo? Skip the watermark or logo.

-Don’t ignore the date: Avoid tone-deaf content that’s fun, festive, or silly. Fight the temptation to offer sales or discounts or promotions associated with this occasion. Instead, plan them for a different day to launch.

Weigh in–we’d love to hear from YOU about how you plan to handle your business brand channels on September 11!

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