Learn effective ways to grow your business online from people who have done it: social, SEO, email marketing, blogging, and more


We believe "tried-and-true" earns the name. Learn how to effectively use direct mail, print, outdoor, TV, Radio and other tactics


You've build a reputation that you're proud of, a strong media plan will help you feel confident reaching out to the media

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FREE August Social Media Posting Calendar

This posting calendar will complement your Strategic Marketing Plan and fill in gaps between marketing milestones and events and your daily messaging on social channels.

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Community Forums

Whether you're looking for brainstorming, feedback, reviews, inspiration or SWIPE files, you'll find it in our engaged and supportive forums!

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Marketing Strategy & Tactics

These sections update weekly with new insights for telling your brand story in the marketplace by using proven tactics that are focused on building BRAND not BUZZ.

Connect with MIX

Get daily updates from your peers!

Connect with fellow business owners via this fun video texting app -- get "on the fly" feedback to your marketing questions, share best practices from the road, and more.

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Monthly MIX Roundtables

Share your success stories, challenges and lessons learned as well as marketing ideas so that you can use all of the power of the MIX to maximize EVERY opportunity.


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Better Outcomes

You'll have unlimited access to our course library as well as personalized support at the help desk.

Less time and frustration

Manage your messaging without going it alone. Learn to create more effective campaigns in less time.

Spend less on marketing

Reduce costs by increasing the effectiveness of your marketing, pairing paid tactics with ones that are cheap or free!

Supportive, Like-Minded Community

Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely experience. In the MIX, you will connect with other business owners who get it--we speak your language and have your back.

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Join the MIX!

70% of small businesses manage their own marketing.

If yours is one of them, then YOU are one of us.

The Marketing Idea Exchange is an online platform that connects business owners with on-demand lessons, live events, ready-to-use templates, and personalized coaching.

Whether you oversee or execute, MIX will empower you to cut through the noise and find marketing solutions that simply work. Click HERE to take a 2-minute tour!


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