Microexperiences: Tiny Opportunities to Surprise and Delight our Clients

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    Cyndee Harrison

    In my personal experience, I first experienced the concept of ‘Surprise and Delight’ at a Disney park. My family was taking a break and sitting near an ice cream cart when out of nowhere a team member approached us and asked if we’d like some ice cream. We were so touched and excited, it’s as if we’d won a private tour from Mickey Mouse himself. The ice cream itself was tiny and probably cost the park less than a dollar. But the surprise that it provided to us was priceless.

    This photo is another example of a great surprise and delight — recently dining out for an anniversary, this MIX member was delighted when the staff came and took a photo of them on a Polaroid and handed it to them as a memento of their special night. This is a simple way to go above-and-beyond to help customers remember the important role that your business played in their special occasion.

    This is a terrific example of a ‘Microexperience’. In this outstanding article from Medium, microexperience is defined as a small, subtle, affordable and memorable touch that resonates with your customers for years. They’re not all that difficult to achieve, but can be challenging to design as they rely on your team’s consistent execution of them. It falls right in to our focus on the essential Customer Retention value of ‘Surprise and Delight’.

    There are other microexperiences that your business can offer to customers to make their interaction with you more pleasant. Use this list for inspiration to create you own — and share with us!

                  • Dental office: offer warmed/weighted blankets for patients as they lie in the chair
                  • Reach out to your customers from your business social media profile to comment on THEIR latest posts to celebrate them
                  • Retail: Offer dedicated space for shopper companions to rest and relax
                  • City location: hop out and feed the meter when folks park in front of your location (even if they aren’t coming in to YOUR store)
                  • Bar: serve drinks with a branded coaster or koozie that the customer can take home
                  • Mortgage Lender (any loan officer): send a bill explanation timed to arrive a week before a new customer’s first mortgage payment is due

    What are microexperiences that YOU want to add to this list?

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