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    Cyndee Harrison

    Here’s a link to a great article about Google rankings. It’s important that I also mention that for me personally, I tend to be a little wary whenever I see someone or something promising to get me on the front page of Google — too often, tactics that are aimed specifically at search engine rankings can be temporary fixes or practices that will actually undermine your efforts in the long term. So be wary and focus on things that focus on best practices for organic results including:

    Of them, the easiest and more ‘natural’ ways to approach this is a type of featured snippet that displays approximately 50 words of text, the page title and URL, and a featured image thumbnail. Paragraph snippets are an excellent opportunity to get more eyes on your thought leadership material.

    How to Optimize for It

    • Answer informational queries relevant to your business and its products or services.
    • Keep this paragraph format and a simple Q&A approach in mind as you create content you hope to rank on this type of result.
    • Do the legwork of researching what questions people have and see what results come up. Are there opportunities where no result renders? Are there results that seem low quality or outdated? Start there and use your learnings from those early efforts with lowest-hanging fruit to target more competitive search terms.
    We further explore this issue of ‘Findability‘ in the courses — or head over to the forums to chat about it with other MIX members!

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