Future Success

Predicting the future success of your business with MIX

January is a great time to look back on the lessons of the previous year. As you reflect on the successes of your business in 2018, ask yourself whether or not you’ve done everything in your power as a business leader to make sure that those wins are REPEATABLE.

Predicting the future success of your business may depend on how well you build upon successes and learn from mistakes, adapting your entire team’s approach along the way.

To measure your company’s effectiveness at this, ask yourself the following questions:

1-Do you encourage your team to look for new and better ways of doing things?  Ok, then what … what happens when they succeed in finding a better way?

2-Once a better way of doing things is discovered, how is it communicated to the entire team?  How are improvements institutionalized?

3-Are your employees trained based on lessons you’ve learned from your most recent successes?  Most recent failures?

4-How confident are you that your weakest employee is following the same processes as your strongest?

5-How does your infrastructure support all of the goals or resolutions that you’re dreaming of for the coming year?

Nobody has a crystal ball for predicting the future success of your business, but the answers to these five questions will help you determine whether or not your company has an infrastructure that’s built to repeat successes and eliminate errors.

Without that, your wins are just random acts, and there may be a significant gap between your potential and your performance.

You deserve better. You haven’t come this far just to come this far.

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