LIVE Video Tips

It takes a little nerve to get comfortable going LIVE on social media, but the benefits make it worth the effort to overcome your camera-shyness!  

The currency of social media is engagement and there’s almost no beating live video which can get up to six times more interactions than regular videos on Facebook. That high likelihood of success might make it tempting to jump right in and just go for it. But it’s important to have a good plan in place before you hit that red ‘Live’ button. Here are some suggestions for maximizing live videos for your brand:

PLAN FOR THE BEGINNING, MIDDLE, AND END: Begin with a friendly smile and introduction and clearly state the reason for the video. Don’t bore your audience by waiting until others join, get started right away and make it fun and engaging from the start. Prepare for late-comers and find an engaging way to remind viewers the purpose of the video mid-way through it. As you move through your video content, encourage comments and other feedback. Finally, end your live video with a clear call to action and ask your audience to share the archived copy of the video once it shows up on your page timeline.

TAKE THE TIME TO SET A SCENE: Avoid over-producing your LIVE content in order to remain genuine and organic. Still, you must consider the setting by minimizing background noise and other distractions. Make sure you have a steady camera (consider using a tripod and portable microphone), consistent lighting, and strong broadband signal.

-OFFER VALUE: Make sure that you have a reason to go live beyond just selling and promoting. Offer helpful tips related to your area of expertise, answer questions, do a quick product review or an instructional ‘how-to’ demonstration.

-STAY CONSISTENT AND BUILD A FOLLOWING: Take a long view of the strategy behind posting live video content so that you can build a following over time. Consider posting regularly and consistently with an easy-to-understand call to action that builds a following over time and helps your followers know what to expect.

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