Monitoring Facebook Comments on Ads and Posts

Imagine paying for a billboard that advertises your business and then also paying for people to come and stand under that sign and yell negative things about your business to people passing by.

Sounds crazy, right? But placing Facebook ads and failing to monitor the comments is essentially the same thing.

Despite all of the information available on the topic, however, we continually see advertisers doing exactly that. Why?

Because nowadays, too many conversations about Marketing focus on the TACTICS. Too many agencies and marketers are so focused on ad placement that they miss the important executions that will maximize those ads’ performance.

This is an upside-down approach because like most social media channels, Facebook Business offers an outstanding learning center that makes placing ads terribly simple. Building a strategy to maximize the outcomes of those ads is what’s a bit more complex. They offer step-by-step instructions for monitoring comments:

In marketing, tactics without strategy is just noise.

Noise may be effective for building short-term buzz, but if you’re looking to build a BRAND for the long term, then you really need to focus on an infrastructure that’s firmly rooted in strategy.

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