Don’t Post and Ghost

Too many small businesses post to Facebook and just stop there.

Why? Probably because it’s free and easy and makes them feel like they’re marketing.

But this approach leaves out MOST of the people who have expressed interest in your brand by ‘liking’ the page. It’s always been a really lousy idea. Recent changes to Facebook’s algorithm, however, make it an even worse practice. 

Now, users have the option to “turn off future activity from” the site you want to block … this effectively blocks the tracking of activity from your site forever. It’s easily done: 

Read this—it’s now super easy to clear cookie history:Step 1: Go to Settings and Privacy…Step 2: Mobile: Scroll to “Your Facebook Information”Step 3: Look for “Off-Facebook Activity”Step 4: Click “Manage Your Off-Facebook Activity.” Then enter your password and check out all the sites that are tracking you…

In the Marketing Idea Exchange, we are constantly talking about the importance of blending digital, traditional, and PR tactics for your marketing and this is just another reason why that should really catch your attention, especially if you use Facebook ads and pixels. 

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