Connecting People and Systems

Connecting People and Systems to Marketing

The Synaptic Approach is all about making the connections between your VISION as the entrepreneurial leader and the actual day-to-day functions of your business.

I was reminded of how often this is missed when I ran an errand to have the batteries replaced in FOUR Shinola watches at a local luxury jewelry store. I was warmly greeted by a gentleman working there and told that if I had a few minutes to wait, he could take care of me right away. He took my watches to the back.

I waited in the showroom for about ten minutes, surrounded by showcases full of watches in similar price points to those I’d just brought in.

There was not a single customer in the store during the entire time I was there. Yet, not a single one of the three employees milling about spoke to me, asked me about the watches that I had brought in, or otherwise engaged with me.

While I was provided with the service that I came in for, what the jeweler will never know is whether or not I’m in the market for a new watch to add to the collection for the wedding anniversary that I’m celebrating in just a few days. They won’t know anything about my buying behaviors, my interests, or anything else. Because they didn’t ask.

Why not?

Because their people and their systems are not connected to their marketing.

And the fact is that they aren’t alone — this story should prompt a question in the mind of any entrepreneurial leader — how are MY people and systems connected to my marketing?

Ask yourself how is your own team trained on the PROCESS behind each of your most common business processes? How are they trained? How is their performance measured against the standard? If a similar situation took place in your business, how would you want your team to respond? How can you let them know?

World-class businesses don’t happen by accident. Rather, they are the result of a purposeful and process-centered approach to making success repeatable. If you’d like to learn more about developing an Operations Manual (shelf and digital copies), employee training programs, or common-sense marketing for your business, then let us know!


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