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that simply workS

70% of your small business members are handling their own marketing. MIX provides them the support that they crave while providing non-dues revenue for your organization.

Let's work together to strengthen your Chamber by strengthening your members' businesses. Welcome to the MIX!


Your members will learn effective ways to grow their business online from people who have done it: social, SEO, email marketing, blogging, and more


We believe "tried-and-true" earns the name. Your members who join MIX will learn how to effectively use direct mail, print, outdoor, TV, Radio and other tactics


You've helped your members build a reputation that they're proud of, a strong media plan will help them feel confident reaching out to the media

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FREE August Social Media Posting Calendar

This posting calendar is just the latest example of our free resources that can be white-labeled to promote your Chamber to members and potential members.

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Generate Non-Dues Revenue

Your members are looking for brainstorming, feedback, reviews, inspiration and marketing support that we'll provide as a member benefit at a discounted rate. Your Chamber is looking for non-dues revenue. MIX provides both.

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Strengthen Your Chamber by Strengthening Member Businesses

MIX offers proven resources for building BRAND not BUZZ. MIX features online courses in modern marketing tactics, interactive forums, coaching from seasoned pros, and moderated collaboration with peers.

Connect with MIX

Daily marketing updates from peers!

Some of our members use this fun video texting app to get "on the fly" feedback to marketing questions, share best practices from the road, and more.

Group Meeting

Monthly MIX Roundtables

Your members will share success stories, challenges and lessons learned as well as marketing ideas so that they can use all of the power of the MIX to maximize EVERY marketing opportunity!


join the


Better Outcomes

Your members will have unlimited access to our course library as well as personalized support and coaching at the help desk.

Less time and frustration

Members will learn to manage messaging without going it alone. They'll learn to create more effective marketing campaigns in less time.

Spend less on marketing

Your members will reduce their marketing costs by increasing the effectiveness of their efforts

Supportive, Like-Minded Community

MIX is a very pro-Chamber environment. When your members join, they'll learn ways to utilize their Chamber membership. You'll improve the culture of your Chamber community while providing a needed resource to members.

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Join the MIX!

The Marketing Idea Exchange is an online platform that connects business owners with on-demand lessons, live events, ready-to-use templates, and personalized coaching.

We believe in the power of Chambers of Commerce and work with you to provide a gap-fill for your members who crave personalized marketing support.

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