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Looking for a way to grow your business through referrals ? Have you tried networking groups and been disappointed in the results?

What if there was a way that you could facilitate meaningful and memorable networking events in your community and position yourself as a referral marketing leader among your peers?

We've got you covered. We provide the training you need, event planning roadmap and theme ideas to help you grow your business, grow your network, and grow your community!

Become an Ambassador!

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New for Fall 2019!

"I've been looking for a new way to grow my network and develop my leadership skills. As a MIX Ambassador, I can plan, promote, and produce networking events that are fun and informative for other business leaders in my community that I would've never done on my own."

After completing the core lessons that are offered on the MIX platform, members are eligible to host MIX events in their local communities, serve as presenters on our global monthly roundtable calls, serve as a guest blogger on our site, and much more.


They’ll receive best-practices training in referral marketing, serve as beta testers for new courses or opportunities as they arise, and earn the maximum affiliate fee for new members they refer to our community.


Best of all, the opportunity to serve as a MIX Ambassador costs nothing for members in good standing and is open to members at any level: Basic, Plus, or Executive! 



Referral Marketing for the Modern Entrepreneur

Grow your business. Grow your network. Grow your community.

A comfortable blend of in-person events and online connections

Utilizing social media to maximize the network

Building relevant referral relationships with like-minded peers

Get Started Growing Your Community!

MIX Membership is unrestricted by geography–our members are everywhere! 
Our Ambassadors enjoy exclusive territories to grow their referral communities. Contact us to get started!
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