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Connecting with MIX members

So much love for this photo–these two entrepreneurial leaders, who didn’t previously know one another, recently met in person for the first time.

Their purpose? To collaborate and plan THREE booked local and regional speaking engagements based on their like-minded approach to helping create beautiful and joyful work and living spaces.

How did they meet? They’re both members of the Marketing Idea Exchange!

Telling a brand story in the marketplace nowadays isn’t easy.

That’s why MIX connects our members with tools, resources, and collaboration to cut through the noise and find marketing solutions that simply work. 70% of small businesses manage their own marketing. Whether you oversee or execute, if yours is one of them then you are one of us.

We’re so happy that Coleman and Jody are a part of our community. To learn more about their approach to creating beautiful and joyful spaces, visit their websites:


About “The Quest for Joy”

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