MIX Content Posting Calendar – August

In the MIX, we are all about building BRAND instead of building BUZZ … and for that, we start with a Strategic Marketing Plan that includes quarterly as well as annual goals. We talk about this in our first course, Marketing That Matters.

But for those dates that aren’t already designated to an event or a part of the overall goal, this calendar will help with your day-to-day messaging and make sure that your posts stay fresh. Use it as inspiration — changing to your specific needs.

NOTE: We’ve created a specific calendar for the pawnbroking industry based on the fact that several MIX members recruit their peers from other areas of the country. In this way, they can connect with other small business owners both in and outside of their industry. I’d love to do this same thing for any other industry — and so, if you’d like to invite your non-competing industry peers, let me know and I’ll send them an invitation! 


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